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We offer exterior softwash cleaning to treat and control those unsightly red, green and black stains that we are all to familiar with on our own homes and buildings.

By getting your property cleaned this way you will be avoiding that damage that high pressure cleaning can do to your property.

Our Softwash cleaning methods will kill the spores that cause the discoloration of the walls – where washing alone will not solve this problem and only encourages much quicker regrowth.

As a painter and decorator for over 15 years I know the importance of getting exterior surfaces clean before painting and this is how I started softwashing - so I could effectively treat and clean the algae and staining I was constantly coming across on exterior surfaces. I now had the piece of mind that I was painting on a clean surface and my job was going to last. I would highly recommend to treat exterior surfaces before painting for a longer lasting paint finish.

What is Softwashing

Softwash cleaning is the application of specialised biocides to control the growths of micro organisms such as algae,lichen,fungus and mould-enabling the cleaning of exterior hard surfaces 

Benefits of Softwashing

  • Fast acting, breaks contamination reproductive cycles
  • Low pressure spray application system
  • Safe for all known building materials
  • Cost effective way of maintaining the look of your house or property
  • No damage caused to delicate surfaces

Where it can be used

  • Walls / Coloured Renders / K Rend / Pebbledash, Drydash
  • Slate and Tile Roofs
  • Patios, Drives, Decking
  • Natural Stone
  • Painted Surfaces


Powerwashing / softwash Wexford


  • Quality Products: Official AlgoClear Pro Softwash Agents
  • FREE test patch available
  • Free Quotation: Free home/business visit & Quotation
  • Affordable: Cost Effective home improvements
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: On budget & time
  • Friendly Local Service: Renowned Wexford Business

About Us...

jackieWhelanJackie Whelan Softwash cleaning offers you a safe and effective cleaning solution to treat and control all forms of algae – red, green, black staining that ruins the appearance of your property.




"We have a K Rend finish on our house and a red fungus had taken hold in the plaster - quiet badly in places. There was also some growth beginning on the slates. K Rend recommended Algoclear Pro So...

Patrick Kavanagh - Craanford

Contact Us

To get in touch for any of our Softwashing services see below - or visit the contact page to leave a message or request a callback:

Phone 087 674 8592
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